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Senior Living: Finding the Right Fit

Whether you are making the choice for yourself or a loved one, choosing senior living arrangements is not a decision that should be taken lightly. For many people at this stage of life, it’s a life change not without significance, and the decision-making process comes with its fair share of overwhelming.

Knowing what options to consider and what features to look for can ease the overall burden of making the choice and getting clear on exactly what you need from your (or your loved one’s) senior living arrangements will help you quickly weed out the options that may not be the best fit.

Understanding Different Levels of Care

Senior living communities are found in a range of care levels. At the most minimal are age-restricted retirement communities, where retirees live day-to-day life without any kind of hands-on medical supervision or ongoing support affiliated with the community.

Continuing care retirement communities fall in roughly the middle of the spectrum of care. Here, members are typically on a progressive care plan and are guided to transition between independent living and sub-acute or rehabilitative care as needed.

Assisted living often offers a lifestyle that is as independent as possible for seniors, while including hands-on support for those who can no longer live 100% independently and would benefit from a guardian-angel type of supervision. Caregivers check in daily and offer supportive care as needed.

For those needing ongoing medical support, nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities are the best options. For these residents, medical care is available 24/7. These facilities can be used for both long-term care and short-term rehabilitative support.

A medical assessment is important to gauge the level of care needed for you or your loved ones and may result in a referral to the community or facility best equipped to meet your needs.

Other Factors to Consider

When vetting your senior living options, you’ll want to ask about current safety protocols in place and consider whether those policies resonate with you at one senior living facility over another.

You can also get specifics on the amenities that would be available to you and compare between options to see which has more to offer in terms of quality of life. Also, make a note of which amenities are included in the price and which may incur additional fees.

Take multiple tours and consider the environment. Does it appear clean and well-maintained? Do the staff seem friendly and happy to be doing their job? Listen to your gut feelings when you visit. If it doesn’t feel quite right, there is probably a better choice.

Choosing senior living arrangements can be a tough and emotional decision. Many older adults going through these transitions are reluctant to make such a big change and give up some of their independence. However, the right senior living placement will empower its residents to feel as though nothing has been lost, but rather a new chapter started and a new season of life to explore.

Find the Perfect Delray Beach Senior Living Facility

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