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Our Personalized Approach

Our Approach

Even though our services are provided at no cost to our clients, that doesn’t mean our clients get less service. We are truly unique among other placement resources because we are by your side every step of the way. From the initial meeting, to following up after you have moved in, we guide you personally through every phase of the process.

Step 1

Getting to Know You

We meet over the phone or in person to get to know our clients and their family and discuss:

  • Lifestyle objectives

  • Healthcare needs

  • Budgetary parameters

  • Location desirability

  • Pets

  • Transportation

We guide you personally through every step of the process.

Step 2

Exploring the Homes

We schedule and accompany you and your family to an in-person tour of up to three selected communities. Unlike other service companies, we are there through the visit and we also arrange to have either a breakfast or lunch on location so that you can experience the types of meals that are provided and the atmosphere more fully.       

We specialize in the Southeast Florida region exclusively, so we really know our communities.

Step 3

Guidance with the Move

Once a new home has been selected, we guide you through the details and process of moving in. We want to welcome our client and make sure that they feel at home from the first day they arrive. We will even help our clients with referrals if they need to sell their home or furniture and find a mover. 

We help to coordinate all of the details and logistics for the day of the move.

Step 4

Welcome to Your Home

Although the move is complete, our services don’t end there. Our last, but probably most important, step is to follow up to ensure that you or your loved one is happy and adjusting to their home. We understand that transitioning into a new situation can take time and a familiar and caring person can make all the difference. We want to be the smiling face that you see before, during and after your move into your new community.

We ensure you are happy and thriving in your new home.

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Explore the Homes
Details and the Move
Follow Up
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