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Making an Informed Decision - Is it Time for Senior or Assisted Living?

While living a long life is a privilege not afforded to everyone, getting older may or may not eventually bring many of us to face a difficult choice: Is it time for senior or assisted living? It can be a touchy subject and a difficult decision, whether it is becoming an option for yourself or for an elderly loved one, and it should not be taken lightly. The following are a few indicators that it might be time for someone to seek out senior or assisted living arrangements.

Chronic Health Conditions

Symptoms of chronic health issues typically progressively worsen with age. Depending on how much of their life a person may have been dealing with a chronic condition, the symptoms may become progressively more debilitating and disruptive to everyday life. If the disease has progressed to the point of requiring 24-hour care, that is a sure sign that assisted living may be a good option if family members can’t provide this level of attention themselves.

Forgetful of Regular Medications

Another sign it might be time to seek a senior living arrangement is that a person might be forgetting to take any prescribed medications. Depending on what health issues merit these prescriptions, skipping a dose could be a life-threatening issue. Part of the perks of an assisted living facility is that part of staff members’ responsibility is to make sure any medication schedules are adhered to, which is extremely important for managing wellbeing.

Struggling with Daily Tasks

If an elderly person seems to be having a hard time keeping up with simple household chores such as dishes, laundry, and light cleaning, it could be negatively affecting their quality of life. The same goes for having poor hygiene or poor eating habits. These are all signs that a person might not be able to care for themselves like they used to. In these situations, assisted or senior living can often help someone regain a bit of their independence and improve their quality of life.

Caregiver Burn-Out

We all want to be able to care for our elderly family members. They’ve given us so much through the course of their lives, we feel it’s the least we can do to return the favor through caring for them. Not everyone has the mental or emotional bandwidth to do this, and that’s okay. Especially when our loved ones require extensive or round-the-clock care. Assisted living ensures your loved one is cared for so your family only needs to focus on spending quality time together as often as they like.

Making a Decision

Making the decision on whether or not senior or assisted living is right for someone isn’t easy. It’s understandably hard for most people to give up homes they may have spent much of their life living in, and many people are afraid the transition will bring them a loss of independence. However, quite the opposite can be true. Choosing the right assisted living facility can give a person more socialization and community, more time freedom with their loved ones, and overall better quality of life.

LiveWell Placements

LiveWell ensures that you find the right living solution with the right amenities and features. We help place seniors in assisted living facilities in Fort Lauderdale, nursing homes in Fort Lauderdale, assisted living in Delray Beach, and senior living in Boca Raton. If you are looking for a senior living facility for someone in your life, consider contacting LiveWell Placements to take the stress out of the process. No matter what you are looking for, we want to make sure we find the perfect home - because the right home really matters. Call today or check out our unique approach here - or find out all the services we offer on this page to get started.

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