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Grandkid-Friendly Activities Perfect for Summer Days

There’s no better way to spend time than having fun with your family. Many of us have fond memories of summer activities with our grandparents. Grandkids bring a special kind of joy to any grandparent’s life, though they have a knack for keeping grandparents on their toes. So, how do you keep kids entertained these days? Read on for a few suggestions of summer activities you can enjoy with your grandkids.

Plant a Garden

Finally, a way for the kids to have permission to get a little dirty. Planting a few flowers or even starting some seeds is a great way to get some fresh air with your family. It’s also something you can continue to enjoy together for weeks or months to come. Plant some seeds together and they might sprout by the time the grandkids visit again. It’s a fun summer activity that is easy to do and rewarding for all of you to maintain together.

Visit a Butterfly House

Butterfly sanctuaries are magical places for people of any age. You can take your grandkids to spend an afternoon surrounded by numerous species of colorful free-flying butterflies while learning about their origins and their life cycles. It’s fun and educational, and the cover charge at most sanctuaries typically goes to some sort of conservation effort, so you’re supporting a good cause.

Have a Beach Day

Spending a day at the beach is fun whether you’re a swimmer or not. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a swim, or take a walk along the shore hunting for sea shells or beach glass. It gets your whole family out and moving and is enjoyable for all ages, and is a great way to wear out those grandkids who always seem to have extra energy.

Outdoor Movie Night

What better way to recreate the drive-in-movie days than to get a movie projector and hang a sheet in your backyard to watch your grandkids’ favorite movies on a summer evening? Set up comfy pillows and blankets for seating, add a small campfire and roast some marshmallows, and put on some family-friendly flicks. The grandkids can even run around catching fireflies as the movie plays. It sounds like the perfect summer night spent with family.

Play Mini Golf

Is there any activity so timeless as a round of mini golf? It’s fun for everyone and great for taking a few grandkids of different ages. Mini golf is sure to bring you all some laughs in addition to some memories that will last a lifetime.

Never a Dull Moment

These activities are just a few modest ideas to enjoy with your grandkids but there are so many more activities you can do together. There’s no pressure to do anything fancy, your grandkids will just enjoy getting to spend some time with you. Getting outside is always a good way to start, but get creative and just have fun together making memories.

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