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5 Halloween Ideas for Seniors

Halloween is a holiday that everyone can enjoy. Just because someone has surpassed the age of trick-or-treating doesn’t mean they can’t join in on the fun! Halloween is a favorite holiday for many, young and old because it’s a time to express your creative side and explore spooky stories.

If you’re running a senior living facility, Halloween is a great time to show residents you care by organizing fun activities to celebrate the spooky season. Celebrating a holiday is a great way for people to bond and feel cared for in their communities.

There are many activities seniors can do around Halloween to get in the spirit. Most of them are low-cost and easy to set up.

Halloween Activities for Seniors

Ready to get in the Halloween spirit? If so, keep reading to find our five Halloween activity ideas for seniors.

Decorate Pumpkins

Decorating a pumpkin is a staple of the Halloween season! There are many ways to decorate a pumpkin. You can buy pumpkin carving kits if the seniors in your group still have good motor control and can handle sharp tools. If carving isn’t the best choice, painting pumpkins is just as fun and involves no sharp tools!

Tell Scary Stories

Our seniors are a wealth of knowledge and culture from days passed. They may have some spooky retro stories that you’ve never heard before! Challenge your seniors to recite (or create) a scary story for the group. Sit in a circle with lots of snacks and the lights dim – and watch everyone get into the spirit!

Halloween Trivia

Test knowledge of classic horror films by running a Halloween trivia contest. Seniors will love a chance to put their classic horror film knowledge to the test. You can make trivia even more fun by adding a point system and rewarding a spooky prize to the winners!

Door Decorating Contest

If you are involved with a senior living community, a door decorating contest is a fun activity for any holiday season. Halloween provides lots of opportunities to get creative with décor, like fake webs and spiders! Give your community a week or two to plan and execute their door design idea. You can even supply some spooky décor to get them inspired. Then, set a day to judge doors. The winner can get a prize like their own Halloween snack box!

Scary Film Marathon

Many people enjoy horror films – why else would this genre remain so popular through the test of time? Set a day to play horror movies all day long in a community room or lounge. You can play a mix of tried-and-true horror films, and more modern stuff, too. Send out a schedule of what films will be playing and when – and be sure to supply lots of popcorn!

South Florida Senior Placements

Holidays can feel lonelier as someone grows older, but they don’t have to. By making this Halloween season eventful and special, your senior counterparts will feel appreciated and loved. Halloween can be enjoyed by folks of all ages; you are never too old to enjoy a good haunt!

Best of all, the activities we provided here are all low budget and easy to implement with your senior community. So, this Halloween, don’t be afraid to get creative and offer folks the option to celebrate with their community. They will be happy you did!

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For more ideas for Halloween for seniors, check out these resources below:

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