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Tips for Seniors: Stress Relief

When our loved ones hit a certain age, the frustration of major life changes can bring large amounts of stress. Hitting the point where they're unable to perform certain tasks or have freedoms like driving taken away, things can get pretty overwhelming.

Even before hitting the points mentioned above, dealing with life after work is difficult since most seniors live on a fixed income. It's important to ensure that our loved ones’ golden years aren’t a sad or underwhelming experience. These are supposed to be the best years of their lives, and sometimes they just need a reminder!

If you have a special elderly person in your life or a loved one that's past senior citizen status, you might want to take this article to heart. These are the best stress relief tips for seniors and ways you can help them manage.

What Does Stress Do to a Senior?

Seniors aren't able to manage stress in the same way that younger, more youthful people can. Their hearts are often in a weakened state, and their brain doesn't function in the same capacity as it used to.

Quite frankly, they're unable to cope with stressful situations. Even when the situation seems minor to us, it could be huge for them. Keep in mind they're also dealing with major life events and possible health situations that could trigger anxiety or fear. Use the following tips to help the seniors in your life enjoy their golden years with less stress.

Perform Their Favorite Activities

Seniors may be getting older, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy life. Take some time to enjoy their favorite activities or maybe something that brings back memories of the good old days.

Encourage Them to Stay Mobile

Physical health goes along with mental health. Seniors should get a regular amount of physical activity in to stay mobile and avoid becoming stiff or prone to injury. Even if it's a short walk to a neighbor’s house or a quick trip to the mailbox, these small activities can make a huge difference in their minds and bodies.

Don't Baby Them

This is something that can quickly frustrate a senior, leading to high levels of stress. Don't do everything for them. They're in their golden years, but they're not infants. We know you're just trying to help, but overdoing it makes them feel like you're robbing their freedom. If you're cleaning their house, approach them with a broom and ask them if they can help you sweep. It makes them feel included, useful, and it's not too overwhelming.

Help With Bills

Help them with their major financial obligations, but don’t take it over completely. Help them balance their checkbooks or keep track of bills that are due. The main goal is to assist them in avoiding stress and confusion without taking away their independence.

Finding the Best Fort Lauderdale Senior Living Option

It doesn’t take much to lower a senior’s stress level while remaining helpful. You can continue to do a large portion of tasks for them without taking their independence. The primary concern is continuing to make them feel included without overwhelming them or stressing them out.

If you are coming to a point where you want to find a Fort Lauderdale senior option like a Fort Lauderdale assisted living facility, reach out to LiveWell Placements. LiveWell Placements looks for the right home for each senior, at no cost to the senior or their family. We find the perfect solution, whether it is Fort Lauderdale independent living or Fort Lauderdale assisted living facilities. We specialize in all types of Fort Lauderdale senior living solutions. Check out our personalized approach to finding the perfect solution here, or find out how to get in touch with us on this page to get started.

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