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The Different Senior Living Options: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, and More

If you’re considering placing your elderly loved ones in a Fort Lauderdale senior living facility, you should know about the different options. Most people assume that all of these locations are considered nursing homes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Depending on what your senior loved one requires, there are three major options for living arrangements. Independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes are the major choices, each with different options and arrangements.

Before you decide on the appropriate location, you need to consider a few areas of importance. Use the following guide to assist with our final decision regarding Fort Lauderdale assisted-living facilities.

Things to Consider

Before we break down the three major types of Fort Lauderdale senior living facilities, it’s important that you understand what should drive your decision. Consider the following characteristics regarding your senior loved one before moving forward with options.

  • Are they still fully aware and able to manage their own finances?

  • Is it still safe for them to drive a vehicle?

  • Are they still fully functional but require assistance because of the risk of falling or other medical conditions?

  • Have you ever had to rush over in an emergency if they fell or were going through any other traumatic ordeal?

  • Do they suffer from dementia or any other disorder that’s similar?

  • Do they already have home care professionals who come by regularly?

Considering all of these elements will help you decide their level of independence and help you feel better about the care they receive.

Independent Living

This Fort Lauderdale senior living option gives your elderly loved ones the most freedom to take care of their own lives. Normally, independent living communities are chosen when a loved one’s spouse passes away, or they need to downsize their home because it’s too much for them to care for.

Typically, there is no medical staff on-site, but the location might have regular visits from nurses who check in or medical equipment companies to refill supplies. Seniors are still able to drive and come and go as they please.

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are the step between independent living and nursing homes. The residents in these facilities still enjoy their own unit and remain somewhat independent, but there is medical staff on-site at all times.

Meals may be provided, but there are also kitchens inside most of the units. These placements are normally reserved for seniors that have difficulty managing everyday tasks without a little help. Mobility may be a problem, or they may require regular nursing visits. Generally, seniors aren’t able to drive or exit these facilities without signing out.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are reserved for seniors who need the most intense levels of care. They are unable to care for themselves and perform tasks such as cooking, bathing, or cleaning their homes.

Many of the residents may have challenges associated with dementia or other ailments, making it impossible for them to live alone. Residents normally receive daily baths or showers from staff, have all of their meals prepared, and stay in dorm-type rooms with a bedroom and small living space. Usually, there is no kitchen because of safety concerns.

Depending on how your senior loved one currently functions, you should find one of these options to be a suitable living environment. The costs of these facilities will vary greatly, so it’s important to contact your loved one’s insurance provider to find out what’s covered.

Fort Lauderdale Senior Living Options

When it comes to caring for your loved ones, finding the right Fort Lauderdale senior living option can be a huge decision. Let the experts at LiveWell Placements take over. Free of charge, they prioritize finding the perfect Fort Lauderdale senior living facility for the senior in your life. Whether you are looking for assisted living in Fort Lauderdale, independent living in Fort Lauderdale, or senior living in Fort Lauderdale, LiveWell Placements will be there for you every step of the way. You can learn more about how LiveWell can help by checking out our services page. Or learn more about who we are here - give us a call today to get started.

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