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The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Over the past couple of decades, yoga has made its way into Western culture as a trendy exercise and relaxation option. Although it is currently popular, yoga has been practiced in other parts of the world for centuries, and the benefits for all people are abundant. When it comes to seniors, though, there are unique benefits that can help them continue to live a healthy, active, mindful life—no matter their age or physical capabilities.

As people age, they must keep their bodies moving so that their bones, joints, and muscles continue to thrive. Yoga also has positive benefits for the mind and spirit. Let’s look at some of the specific benefits of yoga for senior citizens.

Bone Strength

As people age, it’s important to think about the heightened chances of osteoporosis. Yoga helps strengthen bones and can prevent the start of this disease of brittle and/or weakened bones.

Stress Relief

Yoga is an excellent way to reduce stress and relieve tension. Although senior citizens are in retirement, that doesn’t mean that their lifestyle is free of stress and frustration. It can be a huge upheaval of life to move into retirement, to have to change homes into an assisted living community or to have your family moving away from you. Yoga encourages breathwork and a connection with body and mind that can help seniors focus on the positives still in their lives.

Better Quality Sleep

Many seniors who have an active yoga practice say that they sleep better; this can be attributed to both stress relief and the added physical activity that they have added to their days. Many older adults have trouble sleeping, either because of hormonal changes, aching joints, or other health ailments.

Better Overall Physical Performance

Yoga improves not only flexibility but whole-body strength, balance, and mobility. Although it isn’t an intense form of exercise, it has positive effects on every part of the body, including internal organ health. Seniors need choices for low-impact exercise, as well, and yoga falls into that category. Yoga is also a great way to lessen the general aches and pains of aging.

Less Risk of Depression

When our bodies are healthy, it is much more likely that our minds and emotions are healthy, too. There is no exact science to preventing depression, but having a range of tools in the toolbox can help make it much less likely. Yoga, as a form of exercise, creates endorphins and serotonin, which are “happy hormones.” When seniors continue moving and strengthening their bodies, too, they can do many more activities outside of exercise as well, which helps give them a better quality of life.

Wrapping It Up

Remember that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Retirement is an opportunity to try new things or dedicate time to those hobbies that you (or your loved one) always wanted to do but never had time for during the busy years of raising a family and working. Yoga is a perfect choice to add to one’s sunset years. If you are looking for the best Fort Lauderdale senior living options, give LiveWell a call. You can learn more about our unique approach here, or learn more about the services we provide on this page. When it comes to the best Fort Lauderdale assisted living facilities, look no further than the experts at LiveWell Placements. LiveWell Placements specializes in placing seniors in the best possible living solutions - completely free of charge.

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