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Six Ways for Adults to Get in the Halloween Spirit

Do you feel like you’re too mature to celebrate Halloween? Have you given up on costumes since your kids moved out of the house? Well, you’re never too old to have some fun. And Halloween can be a great holiday to spend with friends and family with the right kind of adult activities (nothing too risqué, of course)! LiveWell Placements has ideas that might make you forget your age and turn into a Halloween believer. Remember, even the Grinch came around in the end!

Horror Movie Marathon

Invite some friends over that are scary movie fans, make some festive Halloween cocktails, pop some corn, light some candles, and prepare to cover your eyes if the movie gets too frightening. You can even make a game out of it and keep track of the number of times that someone jumps or screams and then make the biggest scaredy-cat take everyone out for pizza later. And if you’re not a fan of gory movies, try a psychological thriller like The Shining instead.

Costume Party

Okay, hear us out – we are not talking about humans dressing up (although you can do that too). We’re talking about getting the canines or felines into the action. Gather some of your fellow animal lovers and organize your own Halloween costume contest with some “interesting” categories. Most dramatic feline? Check. Dog looking the most miserable wearing bunny ears. Of course. Canine that is most likely to chew through their costume. Absolutely! And don’t forget to have someone in the group take photos to record the fun. Of course, the best-dressed canines or felines get some extra special treats for indulging their humans.

Haunted House

No, haunted houses are not just for teenagers. It can be a lot of “fun” no matter your age to get some friends together and scream your head off. It’s usually not hard to find a local group putting on a haunted house to raise money for a charity. You can also try visiting the real thing. Some towns have historic homes and buildings rumored to be haunted, like Lizzie Borden’s house. You can even make a weekend out of it and stay in a haunted hotel. Of course, these options are not recommended for anyone who is too faint of heart. Remember, this is supposed to be fun, so don’t go if you think you will have nightmares afterward!

Fall Potluck Dinner

You don’t even have to celebrate the actual Halloween holiday; instead, you can throw a feast in honor of fall. Have everyone bring their favorite dish that reminds them of fall and have a potluck dinner. For some seasonal inspired dishes, click here. Decorate your house with fall foliage, carved-out pumpkin lanterns, and spice-scented candles. Or make it even simpler and invite people over for hot chocolate and toasted S’mores around the fire. Make sure to have plenty of blankets on hand and invite everyone to tell their favorite ghost stories. What could be better than sitting around a fire all bundled up on a crisp fall night!

Hayride, anyone?

Get together with one friend or your significant other or even a group, fill a thermos with some hot mulled wine and get on that hay wagon!

Visit a local children’s hospital or a senior home

If you want to make someone else’s holiday exceptional, this is the way to do it. There are plenty of places that would welcome volunteers to come and dress up, bring goodies, or visit those that are alone or need some cheering up. And out of all the ideas we have presented, this one is guaranteed to make you feel the best afterward!

So, whatever you decide to do (or not), take some time for yourself to enjoy this particular time of year that marks the beginning of a brand new season!

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