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Senior Breast Care Awareness

Breast care and examinations are crucial to women’s health and well-being, particularly once a woman reaches 70 years of age. A recent study published by Public Health England showed that one in three women with breast cancer is 70 years of age or older.

If left unchecked, breast cancer can wreak havoc on the body. Breast cancer, just like other cancer types, has the potential to metastasize, leading to cancer in other areas of the body. The good news is – deaths from breast cancer have been dropping year over year in the United States.

This is because, with early detection and treatment, approximately 98% of breast cancer is completely treatable. The longer someone goes without a proper diagnosis, the lower their chances of survival become. This is particularly true in already vulnerable populations, such as elderly women.

Preventative Breast Care

The best way to ensure breast health is to take preventative measures, like self-exams and annual mammograms. These actions can catch breast cancer in the early stages – which is particularly important in the senior population.

If an elderly woman is capable and comfortable, she may perform routine self-examinations. It’s important to teach elderly women where they should feel and what to be on alert for. If an elderly woman has other disabilities which prevent her from being able to complete a self-examination, a caregiver should offer their help in doing so.

Most importantly, seniors should get professional mammograms as recommended by their primary care doctor. There is a strong correlation between age and the risk of breast cancer.

Elderly women may get frustrated or anxious about having to complete routine mammograms – but it’s important to make sure they understand the importance of these life-saving screenings. Doctors and caregivers should do everything in their power to make the experience relatively quick and stress-free. Elderly women may need help with transportation to and from these appointments, or simply just a companion to lean on during the appointment.

Breast Cancer Treatment in Senior Women

Today, a breast cancer diagnosis is not the end-all-be-all. Cancer that is caught early is very treatable. Though it’s true that breast cancer is more difficult to treat in senior patients, it’s treatable. Senior women with breast cancer will just need more specialized care.

When concerning breast cancer in senior women, comprehensive geriatric assessment tools (otherwise known as CGA) should be used by the medical team when making decisions about treating the patient. Sometimes, elderly women may have disabilities or mental health struggles that need to be addressed alongside cancer treatment.

Some seniors may need assistance with daily activities and need during their treatment. All of this should be considered and planned for when mapping the patient’s treatment goals. Each elderly patient will have unique needs and doctors need to work with the patient, and their family, to create a plan everyone is comfortable with.

South Florida Senior Placements

Women 70 or older are at higher risk for breast cancer. The best way to stay ahead of breast cancer is to complete necessary preventive screenings in a timely manner. It’s important to encourage your elderly loved ones to prioritize screenings and support them. Breast cancer is extremely treatable when caught early!

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