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Retiring in Palm Beach: A Guide

Retiring is both exciting and intimidating. Many of us spend most of our adult lives punching a clock and sticking to a routine. When retirement comes, all this changes, and we are offered a chance to enjoy life and utilize the money we have saved by working hard all our lives.

It’s no surprise that lots of people want to make the absolute most of our retirement years! After all, it’s time to finally reap the rewards of our professional lives. Palm Beach, FL, remains a popular retirement spot for people from all walks of life. It’s easy to see why – Palm Beach offers gorgeous weather and lush scenery, lots to do, and a great community of fellow retirees.

Why Move to Palm Beach During Retirement?

Palm Beach is so popular with retirees because it makes retired life easy and idyllic. There are no income taxes (this includes your retirement income), senior-focused healthcare is widely available, and the climate is mild and tropical, making it a perfect place to find peace and tranquility.

The entire population of the county is just over a million, making it a lively and never boring place to reside. There are tons of shopping, dining, recreation, and entertainment options nestled right in Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County is comprised of over 30 towns.

Top 3 Locations to Retire in Palm Beach County

Due to Palm Beach County’s size, you may find it overwhelming to pick an exact location to move to. It’s always recommended to take a trip to Palm Beach County (or maybe two), before moving there for good. This way, you can explore multiple towns within the county, and find which appeals to you.

Certain areas offer particularly great locations for the average retiree to settle in. Below, you’ll find some top picks for retirees to live in Palm Beach County.

Boynton Beach

Beach bums will swoon over Boynton Beach. The beach is a part of Palm Beach County and is popular with retirees for its gorgeous, soft white sands and crystal-clear oceans. Plus, this area has tons of great seafood you shouldn’t miss! Boynton Beach is home to several active senior housing complexes and retirement homes.

West Palm Beach

For retirees looking for a livelier scene, West Palm Beach is a great choice. West Palm Beach veers toward an urban setting. It has a variety of new housing developments and a bustling downtown. West Palm Beach is very walkable, and attractions, dining, and shopping are always close by. If you are not fond of living downtown, no worries – West Palm Beach offers an array of gorgeous waterfront condos, too.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach is considered the most fun small town in the U.S.! This is because Delray Beach mixes tranquil, laid-back beachside living with a developed downtown that has lots to do. Delray Beach has a rich artistic culture and is great for those who enjoy visiting galleries or want to practice art themselves. Delray Beach offers newly built housing options right in the action downtown, or to the West near the peaceful shores.

South Florida Senior Placements

Palm Beach, Florida, is a great place to enjoy retirement and have some fun. It is suitable for a retiree’s needs, as Palm Beach County blends easily accessible shopping and healthcare, walkable downtowns, and tranquil shorelines. If you’re retiring soon, Palm Beach should be on your list of potential locations! It surely won’t disappoint.

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