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Jobs of the Future

If there’s one thing that we have learned about our economy from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that the U.S. is heavily reliant on service jobs. Restaurants, hotels, casinos, fast food chains and grocery stores among many others employ millions of people. Most of these jobs pay hourly rates sometimes making it difficult to do much more than live paycheck to paycheck. The manufacturing jobs that didn’t require a college degree but paid well enough to live a middle-class lifestyle are mostly gone. So, what are the best jobs for the next ten years and how do you ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared to thrive in the future? LiveWell Placements shares 10 jobs that have higher wages and have the most anticipated growth rates in the next five years. Not surprisingly, many of these jobs are in the healthcare fields.

1. Physical therapy aide

Tasks that physical therapist aides are allowed to do can vary by state. However, they usually are responsible for keeping the treatment area clean and organized, preparing for each patient's therapy, and helping patients as needed in moving to or from a treatment area.

Average salary: $33,238 per year

2. Medical technologist

A medical technologist is a highly skilled health professional who tests and analyzes blood, other body fluids, and tissue samples. They are responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment used to analyze specimens and ensuring that tests are completed in a correct and timely manner. There are also many other ancillary jobs such as medical equipment operators and people who repair high tech medical equipment.

Positions typically require a bachelor’s degree in either medical technology or clinical laboratory science.

Average salary: $56,368 per year

3. Construction worker

Construction workers perform a variety of tasks from putting together scaffolding to operating machinery to assisting other workers on site. Although entry level positions do not usually require previous experience, some other jobs may require skills that need to be learned through a trade school or apprenticeship.

Average salary: $31,616 per year

4. Truck driver

Until automation takes over, companies still need truck drivers to transport goods. The downside of the job is that driving long distances is usually necessary which means drivers are often away from friends and family on a frequent basis.

Average salary: $57,616 per year

5. Operations research analyst

Operations research analysts are high-level problem-solvers who use advanced techniques, such as optimization, data mining, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling, to develop solutions that help businesses and organizations operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

These positions typically require a Bachelor of Science degree in operations research, statistics, mathematics, or other related fields. Some jobs may also require expertise with statistics software.

Average salary: $61,457 per year

6. Financial advisor

Financial advisors help individuals manage their personal finances which could include planning for short- and long-term goals, navigating debt repayment, and helping select investments. Advisors can make their money in a variety of ways, from earning commissions to charging for their time.

Financial advisors who sell certain products or manage clients’ investments may need to obtain certain licenses.

Average salary: $66,083 per year

7. Health services administrator

A health services administrator leads and manages the operations of hospitals, physician offices and health care systems. They work behind the scenes, so instead of interacting with patients as nurses and doctors do, they handle the business components which can include scheduling, ordering and maintaining supplies, creating employee schedules, and updating personnel about policy changes.

Health services administrator positions require a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, business administration, or another related field.

Average salary: $70,147 per year

8. Registered nurse

Registered nurses administer patients’ medicine and treatments, teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses and injuries, perform tests and analyze results, and record patients’ medical histories and symptoms, among other tasks.

Registered nurse jobs require a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing, as well as a nursing license.

Average salary: $70,366 per year

9. Web developer

Web developers build websites using coding languages like HTML and JavaScript to create the website content. They often are also responsible for maintaining websites and troubleshooting problems.

Depending on the job, an applicant may be required to have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in web development, web design, programming, or another relevant field.

Average salary: $72,040 per year

10. Physical therapist

Physical therapists help people improve mobility and manage pain after an injury through exercise, and the use of various equipment.

Physical therapists need a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and all states require physical therapists to be licensed.

Average salary: $74,672 per year

And we can’t forget about home healthcare aides who are also in high demand right now. As society is aging rapidly, many seniors need help in order to maintain their lifestyle at home and many of these positions can be either full-time or part-time giving workers more flexibility to choose their schedules.

In summary, although millions of Americans lost their jobs because of COVID-19, there are still opportunities out there if you know where to look. So, whether you’re a senior looking for a new career or have a child in high school or college, think about investing time and energy in securing the career that will allow you to live the best life possible.

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