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Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Fall prevention is an extremely important topic when it comes to keeping senior citizens happy and healthy. Unfortunately, as we age, we lose our agility and mobility. At the same time, we begin to lose our independence to do tasks, like running to the grocery store, on our own.

This can be frustrating for seniors. Some may refuse help with independent tasks to try to keep their autonomy for as long as possible. It’s important to be sensitive to a senior’s emotions and do everything you can to keep them feeling empowered at this stage in their life.

Falls present a huge risk for the elderly population. According to the CDC, falls are the number one cause of serious injury in the elderly population, with 1 in 4 adults over 65 years of age experiencing a fall each year. Some falls may only result in minor injuries, such as scrapes or bruising. Others may result in injuries with long-term ramifications, such as head trauma.

However, there are ways to empower seniors to keep their autonomy while preventing falls. Understanding fall prevention, and how to mitigate fall hazards, can help seniors avoid harmful falls and stay active.

How to Prevent Falls

Although falling is never 100% avoidable, there are certain actions loved ones and caregivers of seniors can take to mitigate the risk of a potential fall.

Determine Fall Risk

Some people are at higher risk for a fall than others. A doctor can provide a fall assessment, which considers a person’s history of falls, any current medications or treatments that may make them unsteady, mobility and balance ability, and more. They can then help create a fall prevention plan.

Assess Their Footwear

Shoes are a big factor in how much control someone has over their footing. Sandals, heeled shoes, and shoes without tread are more likely to contribute to a fall. So, opt for supportive shoes with good tread and no heel.

Organize and Declutter

A home with fall hazards, such as cardboard boxes or uneven flooring, can make falls more likely in the senior population. Seniors may have trouble cleaning and organizing their homes because of physical and mental disabilities they may have. Offer to help your senior loved one organize and declutter their home to make it safer for them.

Prioritize Lighting

A well-lit space is easier to traverse for seniors. Make sure the home has adequate, bright lighting that’s easy to turn on. “Clap-on” lights are a great option because they require no switch or lever to turn on. Also, make sure nighttime lighting is available. Plug-in nightlights in all walkways and rooms are a great investment.

Utilize Assistive Devices

A healthcare provider may suggest a cane or walker based on someone’s current mobility level. You can also purchase a cane without a medical prescription if it will help a senior’s mobility improve.

There are other devices seniors can use to stabilize themselves, such as:

  • Easy to grip handrails on both sides of every staircase.

  • Non-slip stick on treads for slippery surfaces like wood staircases or linoleum walkways.

  • Grab bars in the shower/tub.

  • A raised toilet seat with grab bars/armrests.

These assistive devices are easy to purchase and install and can provide safety features throughout the home to mitigate falls.

South Florida Senior Placements

Fall prevention is a big part of keeping senior citizens safe and healthy. By consulting medical professionals and adding fall prevention strategies throughout a person’s living space, we can help elderly loved ones maintain independence while still preventing injury.

When it comes to caring for your loved ones, finding the right Fort Lauderdale senior living option can be a huge decision. Let the experts at LiveWell Placements take over. You can learn more about how LiveWell can help by checking out our services page. Or learn more about who we are here - give us a call today to get started. Whether you are looking for assisted living in Fort Lauderdale, independent living in Fort Lauderdale, or senior living in Delray Beach, LiveWell Placements will be there for you every step of the way. Free of charge, they prioritize finding the perfect Delray Beach senior living facility for the senior in your life.

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