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Choosing an Established Senior Living Community: Four Reasons

As you are exploring options for where your elderly loved one should spend their remaining years, it might seem overwhelming. How do you choose a facility from the myriad choices available? One of the most important qualities should be to choose a senior living community that is well established. Here’s why.

Reputation and Reviews

When a facility is established, it should have a reputation. You want that reputation to be of the highest regard. Well-treated patients, facilities that are clean and organized, well-kept grounds, and employees that are valued and highly educated— are all important qualities in an established facility.

Make sure that you are looking at reviews from not only the facility’s website but also non-facility sites such as Yelp and Facebook. If you know anyone who has personally had a family member in that particular facility, make sure to get a real-life experience review as well.

Togetherness Is Key

One of the most important components of a positive senior living facility is the atmosphere of community. Humans are social beings who are meant to connect with one another, no matter their age. People who are living in an assisted care facility are missing their family, friends, and old lifestyle; it should be imperative that they are given every chance to build relationships with other residents. Visiting hours and privileges should be abundant, as well—it is critical that the residents’ family and friends on the outside still have opportunities to connect with their seniors.

A Tried-and-True Way

It’s important to choose a place that has been around for a good long while because they will have gone through stringent safety standards, worked the kinks out of their procedures, and learned how to best work together as facility staff and with residents. You want a senior living community that is steeped in wisdom and is respected in the community at large. It would be a tragedy for your senior to be the victim of an accident or a mistake that comes with starting a new facility and not knowing the ropes.

Simple and Classic

Many new facilities are coming onto the scene. Perhaps they offer some exciting, trendy experiences that older, more established facilities don’t; however, the years have proven that the most important things in an assisted living community are good care, healthy food, comfortable surroundings, and an atmosphere of empathy and togetherness. Nothing fancy is needed—just love, care, and accountability.

The Final Decision

When it comes down to it, the most important choice you can make for your elderly family member is to put them in a home that will care for them as you would. It is an incredible responsibility to research, visit, and decide on the place where they will spend their remaining years. If your senior is able, take them along with you to visit the well-established facilities in your community and get their opinion as well, then make the decision together.

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