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hearth healthy quiz

Since the heart is one of the most iconic symbols of Valentine’s Day, it only makes sense that the American Heart Association designated February as Heart Health month.

And with one out of every four Americans dying from heart disease each year, LiveWell Placements, wants to make sure that you know all the facts so that you can live the longest and healthiest life possible. So, take our short quiz to see how much you really know about how to strengthen your heart!

Visit our Heart Healthy Quiz page for all the questions and answers, or click below to see each answer.

1. Your heart stops beating when a heart attack happens.

2. Jaw or back pain could be a sign of a heart attack.

3. Your heart needs one straight hour of exercise every day.

4. Fiber can lower your cholesterol.

5. You get high cholesterol only from what you eat.

6. Cut out the salt for your heart’s sake.

7. Low-dose aspirin can help you avoid another heart attack.

8. Eat only fat-free foods to protect your heart.

9. Being obese is the biggest risk factor for heart disease.

10. Heart disease kills more women than breast cancer.​

11. To lower chances of heart disease, even non-drinkers should drink red wine.

12. Eat fish at least twice a week for a healthy heart.

13. As you get older, you don’t need as much sleep to maintain heart health.

14. Seniors should get at least two servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

15. Seniors should avoid dairy?

So now that you are an expert, take advantage of some of the important and fun activities that the American Heart Association has planned for this month.


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