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Online Brain Training for Seniors

online brain training for seniors

In our blog last week, LiveWell Placements featured helpful tips on smart phones and tablets that are specifically designed with seniors in mind. So now that you have some options for user-friendly technology tools, let’s talk specifically about online games that will help you stay mentally sharp.

You might ask why online games? Well, studies show that specific types of games can help your memory, focus and mental alertness. According to an article in, scientists from Poland discovered that all of their subjects between 65 and 75 years of age that completed a series of several computer games were able to improve memory, expand attention and increase sequencing abilities. Jennifer Wagner, 52, a blogger in New York City, is addicted to playing games like Wurdle, Bejeweled, and Cup O’ Joe on her iPhone. “They make me think,” she says, “and I find that relaxing. Because I’m concentrating on the game, my mind is cleared of everything else, which rarely happens, so I love that feeling.”

In addition, there are many multi-player games that allow you to take advantage of social interaction even when you are at home alone. Or why not try an online yoga or dance class to get you moving? Whatever type of game or activity you choose, there are proven benefits that make it a “smart” move in more ways than one!

Resources and games to try:

According to WebMD, recent research has shown a link between playing complex strategy games and improved memory and cognitive skills.

Memozor is a website devoted to online memory games such as "The Memory" and “The Simon game". While all the games are free, the site is supported by advertising that can sometimes look like content so make sure to double-check before you click. recommends eight websites and/or games such as Sudoku that can improve cognitive ability. offers specific classes for seniors because studies show that staying physically active is also crucial for staying mentally fit.

So whether you decide to play an online game with friends or take a dance class, the key is to keep at it. Get yourself into a regular routine and you will experience more benefits. We all have many choices of how to spend our time so why not use it wisely and stay mentally and physically fit in the process?

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