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What They Say About Us

We know that finding the right living situation can be stressful. And that’s why we are dedicated to helping our clients find a home and not just a place to live. But don’t just take our word for it. Read more from our clients about their experience in their own words.

Diana and siblings

"My father's health turned downhill quite quickly in 2018. It became very clear to my 3 siblings and I that him remaining in his own home in West Palm Beach, Florida,  was no longer a sustainable,  healthy, or wise option. What's next? What are our options? How do we even begin trying to navigate this next, very unknown step? We began asking for help everywhere we could think of. Nurses at the emergency rooms, staff at the rehabilitation places, friends and acquaintances with older parents, etc. We came across a lady at JFK North who referred us to Ellery Vick. He knew exactly what to do. This is his life. His work. He asked us all of the right questions. He visited my father in the rehabilitation facility. My father felt comfortable with Ellery and trusted he would help him. Ellery took over, largely,  and suddenly this burden was lifted. Thank you for your help. Thank you for your time. Thank you for finding my father a perfect place for him to call home and live out the remaining days of his life. May you continue to help others like us. May your work be fulfilling. May you know how valuable you are." 

Sheri and Michael

"Thanks so much for the beautiful welcome basket!  


My parents have settled in nicely and are enjoying Oakmonte very much.


We appreciate your professionalism and getting this done in such a timely manner with very little pain.  We will definitely recommend you!


Thanks again!"

Rosa Pitts

"My mother-in-law Rachel moved to Gardens Residence on March 16, and she loves it there ❤️.  Marco and all the aides there are such loving and caring people, we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you so much for finding such a wonderful place for Rachel! We’ll be forever in debt with you!!" 

Rosalyn Reyes

"Thank you, LiveWell Placements!! I must share this very happy moment! I needed to place my mom in a nice place and LiveWell Placements helped me find a place where the needs of my mom would be met!! They are very diligent and fast and very resourceful for this very delicate process! Always available just a phone call away!! Great service!! I am very grateful !!! Thank you because now I can live with peace of mind knowing that my mom is with people that take good care of her. And if I ever have an issue, I know I can count on you again."

Isabella Acosta

"Thank you so much for helping me through this difficult process and finding the perfect place for my dad.  After today’s visit, I am more convinced that this was the right choice and I can finally relax and breathe easy!  You have been a true Godsend!"

At LiveWell Placements, our team believes everyone deserves to live in a comfortable home filled with trust, care and respect.

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