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Healthy Food for Seniors

Our Approach

DO Eat

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Bulgur rates the highest on the insoluble fiber scale, at 8.6 grams per serving with spelt and barley coming in second and third.  

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Green lentils

Providing more than 15 grams of total fiber per cup, lentils also have high potassium content which helps lower blood pressure and is also low on the glycemic index.

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Fish provides marine-based omega-3 in the form of DHA and EPA which are essential for lowering blood
cholesterol, maintaining brain function and may assist in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease. Vegetarians should
consider taking an algae-based DHA supplement. 

healthy foods avocado.png


Half an avocado actually has more potassium than a whole banana and is a good source of heart-friendly monounsaturated fatty acids, the same fat found in olive oil. 

healthy foods plums.png


Plums and other foods in the purple food group collectively have the highest antioxidant level of all the colors.  Enjoy plums, blueberries, blackberries and concord grapes. 

healthy foods olive oil.png

Olive oil

Contains monounsaturated fatty acids that can protect against serious illness including heart disease.

healthy foods red wine.png

Red wine

Known to contain certain antioxidants, drinking red wine in moderation may help prevent coronary artery disease.


Fried foods

Broil instead of frying whenever possible

White bread

Eat sprouted grain bread. 

Creamy salad dressings 

Use olive oil and vinegar. 

White rice

Substitute with brown rice.

White sugar

Get your sweet fix with fresh fruit.

Our family at FirstLantic wants you and your family to live long and fulfilling lives!  Eating healthy and exercising regularly helps keep you active and will reduce the risk of illness and depression.  


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