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What is a Memory Care Facility?

Do you have a senior citizen or loved one who is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? If so, you likely know it can be difficult to care for them at home. This can lead to considering moving into a memory care facility. However, if you aren’t familiar with these types of living facilities, you may be nervous about the move. This article is meant to reassure you about memory care facilities by explaining what they are and how they benefit your loved one.

How Are Memory Care Facilities Different?

There are many types of senior living facilities available, so what makes a memory care facility the right choice? These facilities are created to provide a safe and structured living environment for your loved ones who are impacted by memory loss. Employees are there to help seniors with their daily meals and personal care, but they have special training in the unique aspects of memory ailments.

Memory care facilities will have an anti-wandering system in place as well as other security features. As you likely know, one of the concerns with dementia and Alzheimer's is the chance of wandering off. With the added security in place, you can rest easy knowing your loved one is secure in their living facility.

What’s It Like in a Memory Care Facility?

Memory care facilities are designed to give all residents a comfortable and safe environment. Many memory care facilities offer either private or semi-private rooms as well as 24/7 access to care as needed. The facilities also provide meals and housekeeping services, allowing your loved one to not have to worry about providing these tasks.

Memory care facilities focus on giving memory loss-specific treatment while also providing an engaging social environment. Many of these communities will provide social gatherings and even outings. They will also provide necessary transportation for group outings and doctor’s appointments, allowing for stress-free care.

Is It Time for a Memory Care Facility?

When you’re caring for a loved one with memory loss, there will likely come a point where a memory care facility is the right place for them to move. In the early stages of memory loss, many seniors can stay home and be cared for by a family member or paid caregiver. However, as the memory loss progresses, signs will show up that it’s time to look for a memory care facility.

If you’re wondering if it’s time for your loved one to move to a memory care facility, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your loved one becoming unsafe in their home?

  • Is the health of your loved one or yourself at risk during care?

  • Are your loved one’s care needs more than you can handle?

  • Are you becoming quickly stressed or irritable during caregiving?

  • Are you neglecting other parts of your life to provide care?

  • Would added structure and social events benefit your loved one?

If you answered “yes” to most or all of the above questions, it’s time to begin looking for a memory care facility.

Find a Memory Care Facility with LiveWell Placements

We understand how upsetting watching a loved one lose their memory can be. Processing a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia is no easy task. However, LiveWell Placements is here to make your decisions about care as simple as possible. We’ll work with you to find them the perfect licensed memory care facility for their needs.

You’ll be able to feel confident knowing they’re receiving quality care tailored for those with memory loss. Plus, they’ll be able to enjoy life in a safe and social environment. If you are looking for the best senior care facility or senior living options in South Florida, LiveWell Placements is the place for you.

Finding the perfect South Florida senior living solution can be a tall task. Luckily, LiveWell Placements specializes in senior living placements. If you are looking for Fort Lauderdale senior communities, retirement facilities in Fort Lauderdale, or any type of assisted living in Fort Lauderdale, LiveWell is here to help. We are senior living Fort Lauderdale experts. Learn more about what makes our approach different here, or check out all of the services we offer on this page.

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