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Ten DIY Costumes for Halloween

For a lot of people, Halloween is their favorite time of the year and the process of figuring out a costume is the best part!  But rather than going out and buying a costume this year, try creating your own.  LiveWell Placements (with a lot of help from Good Housekeeping) has put together some ideas for DIY costumes that you can make quickly while also standing apart from the crowd!  Believe us, if you wear any of these costumes you are bound to get a good chuckle from your friends. 1.  It’s Raining Men This one is really easy!  Cut out some photos of some cute men ie Brad Pitt, Taye Diggs, Chris Pine, George Clooney (you get the “picture” – pardon the pun) and stick them on to a trench coat and don’t forget to bring an umbrella! 2.  Facebook Get some heavy poster board, cut out the shape of a book and stick your face through it.  Get it?  “Face” “Book”? 3.  Carpool Karaoke This is a great one for couples.  Get some poster board and use silver and black paint to draw a taxi.  Attach it with some Velcro around your necks and bring along your favorite Karaoke playlist.  Singing is optional! 4.  Smarty Pants Buy some Smarties candy, attach them to an old pair of jeans with some double-side tape and you’re done. 5.  Smart Cookie Tape cookie photos to an old cap and gown and you’re now officially a “smart cookie”. 6.  Holy Guacamole! Print out avocado photos, stick them to a green shirt.  Add some angel wings and a halo and you’re good to go. 7.  50 Shades of Grey White t-shirt – checkGrey paint swatches from a hardware store – check.  Tape – check.  Finished costume – check! 8.  Hawaiian Punch Put on your old Hawaiian shirt and some boxing gloves and you are ready to “fight” for the top Halloween costume award! 9.  Green with Envy This is another great couple costume that only requires one person to wear a green shirt while the other wears a t-shirt with envy taped on the front and now “green” is with “envy”. 10.  Bread winner Grab a few loaves of bread, add some gold medallions around your neck or some ribbons and you’re good to go! 11. Error: Costume Not Found And since we couldn’t resist this last one – you get a bonus costume idea!  You know how irritating it is when you go to a website and get one of those error messages? Well, why not turn that experience into a clever Halloween costume except you put an “Error 404  – costume not found” message on a white t-shirt instead. So, there you have it!  Easy, fun, clever, and bound to get you a few laughs!  LiveWell Placements wishes you a happy and safe Halloween!  If you or someone you know is looking  for home healthcare options, call us at 954-807-1798 or visit us at LiveWell

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